May 26, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    The Pastor Search Team wishes to thank you for your prayers and for the trust you have placed in us to seek a leader for our beloved Dellview Baptist Church.  Please know we do not take our task lightly.  We acknowledge that our search is one of a spiritual nature.  Our meetings begin and end with prayer and include a devotional.  

    In our last meeting, we signed a Code of Ethics, in which we pledged to pray, not only for the work that lies ahead of us, but to pray for one another daily.  The Code allows us the liberty to work diligently, respectfully, and confidentially with the common goal of finding a man of God to lead HIS church.  Our covenant allows us to share our opinions and visions openly and honestly and to share information we obtain through research or what you may have expressed with one of us.  All is reported; all is considered.

        Our Plans and Policies state that a) the pastor shall be the chief member of the church staff; b) shall be the spiritual leader and advisor to the whole church family; and c) may act as moderator at church business sessions.  (The chairman of deacons may also serve as moderator.)  These are but a few of the qualities we will be looking for in candidates, but our desire is to dig deeper into the spiritual soul of our potential pastor.  

        A reputable Christian organization has afforded us a Pastor Search Manual, which we are consulting.  We believe the model is well thought out and well written.  

     We want you to be the first to know we are ready to accept resumes from interested parties seeking a bi-vocational position.  The Team will ensure to communicate to the candidates that “bi-vocational” means our church’s finances cannot pay a full-time salary package and will therefore need to secure other income.  (Our late pastor was bi-vocational.)

    Resumes must accompany a cover letter, listing references.  Send to Dalia Treviño, Chair of the Pastor Search Team,

    Our search is not a race.  Rather, we are relying on the Holy Spirit to guide our steps.  The deacons will continue to rotate Sundays to preach, and a guest speaker may be invited from time to time.  

    The Pastor Search Team covets your prayers…daily. And this is the prayer we have meditated on written by authors Timothy and Kathy Keller in their book of devotions, The Songs of Jesus.  Based on Psalm 5:1-6, it reads:  “All-knowing Lord, you see what is in my heart.  All-powerful Lord, I don’t have the power to accomplish what needs to be done, so I spread out my requests before you.  All-wise Lord, I know you will hear and act—but I know also I must wait on your wise timing, and so I will.  Amen.”  

    May God continue to be with us throughout this spiritual journey.
       In Christ's Service   Dalia D. Treviño, Chair, Pastor Search Committee
       Members:  Bill Schneider, Jim Onion, Jimmy Sanchez, Cresencia Huff







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